Does Suga have a cat? ARMY thinks that the idol adopted another mascot

ARMY suspects that Suga already has a new pet, a new photo published by the BTS member unleashed the theories of many fans, who know very well that the idol wanted to adopt a cat for a long time.

the great love of suga for the cats It’s no secret, this band member bts He has revealed on several occasions that he loves to watch videos of kittens on the Internet because he finds them too cute, but he is also very happy when he happens to meet one.

During a filming, Suga confessed that if he had another pet, he would like it to be a white cat and name it Sugar, but at the time the idea seemed like a distant dream.

Recently, the K-Pop singer shared new posts with ARMY while cheering on jungkook for his participation in Qatar 2022but the fans do not miss any detail and noticed that the idol he’s been spending time with an adorable cat that could be his.

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Suga showed photos of a cat while watching Jungkook in Qatar 2022

A few hours ago, the presentation of Jungkook singing Dreamers in the cup took place Soccer World Cup Qatar 2022his BTS companions were very attentive to television and he did not want to miss any moment of the idol show.

Suga watching Jungkook in Qatar 2022. | Source: Instagram @agustd

Suga proudly shared a screenshot of the video he took in front of the screen, but revealed a glimpse of his camera roll. It was then that ARMY discovered images of a small black cat that seems to be with the idol.

Does Suga have a pet cat? | Source: Instagram @agustd

The suspicions that yoongi has a new pet They began to emerge, as the fans were excited by the possibility that this boy already has the kitten he wanted to adopt, however it is not confirmed that this kitty is his.

Does Suga have a pet cat? | Source: Twitter @daiIyminsuga

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How many pets does Suga from BTS have?

Suga has a puppy named Holly, it is a light brown toy poodle breed dog with curly fur. This mascot is known by ARMY and has long won the love of fans.

As for the little cat, we don’t know if it is Suga’s new pet, because we had previously seen photos of Yoongi with a pussycat and, although for a while it was thought that it could be his, in reality it was not.

On the other hand, we invite you to relive Jungkook’s presentation at the Qatar 2022 opening ceremony, this is what happened on the show.

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