Does Simaria have new love? Brother exposes singer’s romance with actor: ‘Two months of chat’

Simaria celebrated her 40th birthday with a big party in São Paulo, where she gathered a team of celebrities, last Monday (13), and had details of her personal life exposed by her brother. Caio Mendes told that the artist is getting to know an actor better.

“Dona Simaria has a new crush, seriously! I know, it’s been two months of chatting, but she’s very soft, very slow. He’s famous, but he doesn’t sing, he seems to act”, he told “Fofocalizando “, from SBT.

Simaria has not been in a relationship since the end of her union with Vicente Escrig, with whom she has two children. In conversation with fans, the singer has ruled out remarriage. “What I want is marriage distance … far away. God forbid! Whoever wants to marry, but I’m closed, Brazil,” she said.

Simaria goes through turbulent phase

In a recent interview, Simaria was moved to tears as she spoke openly about the turbulent moment she is experiencing in her personal life. “I’m as if a tractor had passed over me. My soul is shattered”, he declared to the columnist Leo Dias.

Simaria explained the recent confusion with Simone at a show in Caruaru. According to her, the delay was something already foreseen.

“I couldn’t fly. A lot of stress, a lot of responsibility on my shoulders. I couldn’t board. I don’t have to go through that, be late because of bad logistics. I don’t have to do 30 shows in a month. . I don’t need to go hungry, because I spent the whole day without eating because I was taking care of my children”, he justified.

Simaria clarifies relationship with Simone

Simaria also assured that he doesn’t have any personal problems with Simone. “It’s amazing, we are sisters. It’s eternal. One is an entrepreneur, very enterprising, I see it ahead. And for the other it’s okay”, he clarified.

Simaria also highlighted that what happened in Ratinho was a “call for help”: “Everything I’m going to do I’m reproached by Simone. Do you have any idea what it’s like to spend 20 years being told to shut up? (…) I’ve spent my entire life agreeing that Simone is amazing and Simaria is a disgrace”.

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