Does Netflix’s Power and Law have a connection with the 2011 film? Look

The legal series O Poder e a Lei has drawn the attention of subscribers to the Netflix for its intriguing plot, full of mysteries and twists. Many people wonder: is the new production on the platform related to the eponymous film, released in 2011 and starring Matthew McConaughey?

With 10 episodes, the first season of The Power and the Law is perfect for a weekend marathon. The series is a production of David E. Kelley, showrunner known for hits like Ally McBeal, Big Little Lies and Nine Strangers, with Nicole Kidman.

“At worst after an accident, ambitious Los Angeles attorney Mickey Haller returns to active duty by taking on a murder case,” reads the official synopsis of The Power and the Law.

The Cinema Observatory investigates the connection between Netflix’s Power and Law and the 2001 film and explains the relationship between the two works – check it out below.

How does The Power and the Law on Netflix relate to the Matthew McConaughey film?

On Netflix, the series The Power and the Law – The Lincoln Lawyer, in the original title – is played by Manuel Garcia-Rulfo. Its cast also includes Neve Campbell, Angus Sampson and Becki Newton.

The movie The Power and the Law, in turn, hit theaters in 2011. With Matthew McConaughey in the lead role, the feature brought Marisa Tomei, William H. Macy and Ryan Phillippe in the cast.

In the film, attorney Mickey Haller is hired to defend Louis Roulet, an influential realtor who is accused of assault by a call girl.

The situation gets more complicated when Haller discovers a connection between his client and an old case, in which an innocent man was sentenced to life in prison.

Netflix’s The Power and the Law is not directly connected to the 2011 film. The series is not a sequel, remake, or prologue.

In fact, Netflix’s The Power and the Law adapts the same literary saga that inspired the film for TV: “The Lincoln Lawyer”, written by Michael Connelly.

Matthew McConaughey’s feature is an adaptation of the book of the same name, released in 2005. The Netflix series, on the other hand, focuses on “The Brass Verdict”, the second volume of the saga, originally published in 2007.

In order not to be seen as a sequel to the film, the Netflix legal series removes all references to the plot of the first book.

At the end of the 2005 book, Mickey Haller is shot. At the beginning of “The Brass Verdict”, the protagonist goes through a difficult recovery and suffers from addiction to pain medication.

In The Power and the Law, Netflix exchanges the attack on Haller for a surfing accident, explaining the protagonist’s addiction without having to make references to the plot of the first book.

Another change between the Michael Connelly saga and the Netflix series is the role of the lawyer’s Latin origin. In the production of the platform, the ethnicity of the protagonist assumes a much greater importance.

The first season of The Power and the Law is available on Netflix. The film Power and Law, in turn, is in the Prime Video.

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