Does Kylian Mbappé scare the Germans?

By the presence of a single man on the field, PSG seems to go from being an outsider to being a favorite in its double confrontation against Bayern Munich. This Wednesday, Kylian Mbappé should start well on the lawn of the Allianz Arena, three weeks after his thunderous entry in the first leg. Twenty intense minutes where the Bavarians finally trembled after spending a rather quiet evening defensively. “We all saw what happened in the last twenty minutes of the first leg. It must be a warning for Bayern. Kylian Mbappé came in and the game changed completely”, believes Julian Buhl, follower of Bayern Munich for the media t-online. An opinion not completely shared by Thomas Müller, who claimed that his entry, as good as it was, may have been overrated. “He immediately showed his quality but we mustn’t overdo it and see him look better than he was. On one of his most dangerous plays, he was clearly offside.analyzed the 2014 world champion last Friday in Picture.

Present on Wednesday in the bays of the Munich lair, Alexander Salzweger, the spokesperson for Club n.12, a group of Bayern supporters, also puts Mbappé’s short performance into perspective, given “that all the other players had 70 minutes in their legs”. However, the form of the French since the World Cup does indeed shake our neighbors across the Rhine. “A player who scores eight goals in a World Cup is always dangerous”says Alexander, while for Julian, the Bavarians know “all of what he is capable of and that he can decide a game on his own. We all saw what he did in the World Cup final. Even though he lost, he carried France to extra time and penalties. He made the difference”. Finally, not all supporters are frightened by Mbappé. ” Fear ? Never. We are FC Bayern and the rest of the competition is entirely in our hands.”asserts Christopher Nandelstädt, a fan of the Bavarian club for more than 40 years.

Weapon number 1

In Germany and in the absence of Neymar, Kylian Mbappé seems inseparable from Lionel Messi. The very recent world champion, even if he is no longer necessarily in his prime, continues to scare opposing supporters. Almost as much as the Kyk’s, which is still more dangerous according to the Germans. “I think Mbappé is more dangerous than Messi. He is younger, faster, he is the future and the kind of rightful heir to Messi. But facing the two is quite difficult, they play well together”, details the journalist for t-online. If many observers in France insist that Kylian Mbappé is the best player in the world, the Munich residents are a little more measured, and believe that Erling Haaland or even Messi, compete today with the Habs for this title.

On the other hand, there is no debate with Neymar. “There has been a lot more talk about the possibility of Mbappé missing the first leg than Neymar currently. For us, he is no longer a player who makes differences like the Frenchman can be., says the journalist. For Christopher, the Brazilian “hardly participates in the game, doesn’t help defensively, often seems downright listless. So I don’t see it as a disadvantage for PSG if Neymar can’t play.” Finally, does the German vision of Mbappé really differ from ours? “They have the same perception as the whole world”, slice by text Bixente Lizarazu, accompanied by a smiley crying with laughter. Mbappé could well make him cry with sadness on Wednesday.

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