Does his little son go away empty-handed?: Aaron Carter is said to have made no will

Does his little son get nothing?
Aaron Carter is said to have made no will

On November 5th, Aaron Carter is found lifeless in his bathtub. Now the question arises as to who will inherit his estate. According to a media report, the 34-year-old is said not to have written a will.

On November 5th, Aaron Carter was found lifeless in the bathtub of his home in Lancaster, California. The cause of death is still unclear. According to “TMZ”, it is not yet clear who will inherit his fortune. As the US side wants to know, the singer is said to have died without a will. This despite the fact that his lawyer advised him to write down his last will. According to the report, the state of California is now deciding on the estate.

In the US state, according to “TMZ”: If a single person dies without a will and leaves a child, the child inherits the assets. But maybe not much would jump out for the one-year-old Prince. A source close to Aaron Carter reportedly revealed that the pop star “lived hand to mouth and usually spent whatever he earned in a short amount of time.” However, his house was up for sale, giving “the child security in the form of equity.”

Little Prince was born in November 2021. “My amazing fiancée gave me a new start in life. A reset button and a reassessment of life. I’ve never felt so blessed,” Aaron Carter gushed on Instagram at the time. He appeared regularly with his son on the social media platform. The musician had an on/off relationship with his mother Melanie Martin.

Although Carter had declared war on drugs to start a better life, after his death the police found cans containing compressed air scattered throughout the house. Improper use of such compressed air cans, such as inhaling the contents, can result in serious bodily harm.

Reports circulated about five years ago that the star might have an addiction problem. In 2017, for example, “The Blast” reported that a friend of Aaron Carter called the police and claimed that the musician had inhaled “Computer Duster”, one of the said cans. It is currently being investigated whether this could have something to do with the death of the musician.

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