Does Harry Osborn appear in the latest trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home?

The fans of Marvel Cinematic Universe smile again after the second trailer of Spider-Man: No Way Home presented on Tuesday night. There are many revelations and details that they left us in those three minutes, but a large part of the users of social networks stopped at a fragment of the video to wonder if the one they were seeing on the screen was nothing more and nothing less than Harry Osborn.

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As we know, in this new Peter Parker film the multiverse is completely unleashed in the MCU and it seems to be something irremediable in the short term. The latest advance made it clear to us that nothing will be like before and we will have new villains that had never been seen in this franchise: Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin, Electro, Sandman and Lizard. It is said that the great antagonists will be the Sinister Six, but one is missing.

+¿Harry Osborn en Spider-Man: No Way Home?

After the addendum published a few hours ago, The fans began to viralize a capture that showed a man on the mythical hoveborad of the antagonist and almost everyone manifested themselves assuring that it was Harry Osborn, son of Norman, the Green Goblin. We have already seen this character in the first Sam Raimi tapes and then in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Is he?

To the disappointment of fans, the renowned journalist Daniel Richtman claimed that it is not about Harry Osborn, but about Norman without his helmet. In fact, the appearance of this character has been commented on at the time when the comments about Maguire and Garfield arose, pointing out that Dane DeHaan would return as his role, but he denied it himself last year: “There is nothing truth to those rumors. I don’t even know how they could achieve that.”.

That stated regarding the multiverse, but today we know that it is already a reality. However, everything indicates that Harry will not be part of this new Marvel project and his father, Norman, will. So far the MCU has been cautious about this film, but the truth is that the leaks have already done their job and that is why the expectation for Spider-Man: No Way Home grows day by day until it reaches the December 17.

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