Does celebrity BB-Valentina want to end her can?

Valentina Doronina (22) questions her relationship. The reality TV actress brought up an issue on Celebrity Big Brother that her boyfriend Can Kaplan didn’t like: She revealed that her in-laws didn’t particularly like her. When the 22-year-old was given the opportunity to see her partner briefly on the show, he warned her not to speak publicly about his parents anymore. Now it shows Valentina thoughtful: Does she want to end the relationship?

Noisy Sat 1 leaves Valentina in today’s “Celebrity Big Brother” episode with the meeting Can Reminisce. “He seemed so different to me: so tanned, teeth bleached, everything different. I didn’t think it was nice anymore,” admits the influencer after the lightning date and then bursts into tears. as Can his Valentina briefly, he told her directly that she was currently getting a lot of hate out there. “Does he want to hurt me? To offend? What is his intention? Does he agree with the hate? I think I should reconsider the relationship”doubts the TV awareness.

previously made Valentina a blatant announcement to her friend on “Celebrity Big Brother”. “Can, you are with me, you want to marry me and have children with me. Make it clear to your parents that you really love me and that I am not a trulla that you are banging”she clarified in front of the cameras.

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Can Kaplan and Valentina Doronina around October 2022
Valentina Doronina on “Celebrity Big Brother”

Instagram / valentinadoroninaofficial

Valentina Doronina and Can Kaplan, September 2022

Do you think Valentina’s “Celebrity Big Brother” relationship will survive?

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