Documentary about Gott († 80) leaked to the internet! Will rights holders intervene?

The first case was reported by the popular YouTube server in early January. Paradoxically, the film was recorded there by the Fan Club Karla Gotta. Rights holders, director Olga Malířová Spatova (37) and producer Ivana Gottová (45), managed to intervene only after more than 20,000 people had seen the documentary. But it repeats itself. Another illegal version of Karel is publicly visible on the same page. Nick upload kldr uploaded his profile. According to the counter, this happened on December 31 last year, ie on New Year’s Eve, and by yesterday afternoon, more than 21,000 people had seen the film. The illegal record probably faces the same fate as the first one – that is, if the rights holders know about it.

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Czech Television is concerned

Skillful peers managed to download the Karel documentary from the strictly guarded Netflix platform and began to spread it further. The situation is also of concern to Czech Television, which bought not very cheap rights for it from the production company Karel Gott Agency and is betting that the film will make a lot of viewership on ČT1 this Saturday night. However, the illegal spread of Karel on the Internet can have a great effect on this.

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