“Doctor’s Diary”: Florian David Fitz and Bora Dagtekin give hope for season 4

More than ten years have passed since the last episode “Doctor’s Diary” ran on German screens. What are the chances of a late fourth season?

After three seasons and 24 episodes, the cult RTL series “Doctor’s Diary” was discontinued in 2011. This was a shock for many viewers, because the hospital series regularly provided good ratings. She was also able to win several awards, such as the renowned German Television Prize and the Grimme Prize.

At that time, RTL declared the end of the series with the busy schedule of the main actors. First and foremost Florian David Fitz, who after “Doctor’s Diary” received countless offers for roles and his film career got a significant boost. And Bora Dagtekin, creator and author of the series, was only a short time later able to celebrate major cinema successes, including with the “Fack Ju Göhte” series. But now they are giving new hope for a return to the Elisabeth Hospital.

The following video series also provide insights into everyday hospital life:

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Doctor’s Diary: New Hope for Season 4 – or Another Sequel?

In interviews, the actors Diana Amft and Florian David Fitz have always shown interest in a comeback. However, RTL (2014) took a clear position, as head of communications Claus Richter said:

“The success of the series indirectly prevented a sequel. ‘Doctor’s Diary’ was and is a phenomenon, now enjoys cult status and will certainly be a topic in waves of nostalgia again and again. And that’s good. Even though you should never say never, it feels like it’s too late to continue the series.”

In 2021, series creators Bora Dagtekin and Florian David Fitz gave hope for a return to “Doctor’s Diary”: In their Instagram stories, they asked their followers if they were interested in a “lockdown special”. The answer from the fans was unequivocal: a whopping 99 percent voted “yes”. Are new episodes dealing with the corona pandemic possibly already in the works? Or is there a feature-length reunion?

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As so often, hope dies last here. Even the cult series “Gilmore Girls” was able to celebrate a revival years later at the urging of the fans. But German productions such as “Berlin, Berlin” were also continued after years of radio silence, but this time in cinema format. Even with “Doctor’s Diary” it seems that the last word has not yet been spoken. Regardless of whether RTL can still change its mind or whether a feature film is awaiting us soon, we will keep you up to date at this point.

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