‘Doctor Strange 2’ Writer Wanted to Bring Deadpool to Sequel

After ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ was released, some fans were disappointed by the absence of several theorized characters for the sequel.

Among them, Deadpool, the Talkative Mercenary played by Ryan Reynolds.

But the character almost had a role in the film, as the screenwriter revealed. Michael Waldron (‘Loki’).

In an interview for the comic bookthe filmmaker confirmed that he talked to the bosses of Marvel stops in an attempt to include Deadpool in the feature.

In the end, he realized that it would be a somewhat far-fetched idea and without connection to the plot.

“We talked about including several characters in this movie, including Deadpool. I think we talked about all the possibilities for this movie. It would kind of be crazy not to broach that idea, but in the end it just didn’t seem like the right place for him. But yeah, we definitely thought about it.”

Earlier this year, Reynolds had already insisted he wouldn’t be in the film, but fans thought he was trying to outwit the spotlight, just like Andrew Garfield on ‘Spider-Man: No Homecoming’.

Remembering that ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness‘ continues to run in theaters.

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