DOCTOR MILAGRO | The press arrives at the Berhayat hospital for the case of the man who fell from a floor 33

Marilyn eyebrows

Both Ferman, as Nazli and Alí, are in a difficult situation because the man who fell from a 33rd floor and is miraculously alive, requires surgery with many risks.

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They decided to carry it out but now they must almost flee from the press, who stationed themselves at the hospital facilities to obtain information on the patient’s condition, since they find it incredible that he is still alive.

In another aspect, Beliz feels pressured by the hospital’s board of directors, who have already learned that the financial situation of the hospital is not very good.

Nazli and her father

Nazli confronted her father, was tough and told him that all she wants is for him to recover to leave; he showed her a certificate stating that he has been sober for more than six months, but she doesn’t believe him.

On the other hand, the man asked Alí to interfere so that Nazli would forgive him and Ferman, upon learning that Nazli’s father was in the hospital, conversed with him, everything seems to indicate that it will be difficult for him to leave Nazli’s life. your daughter so easy.

You cannot miss everything that happened in this chapter, here you can see it in full:

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