DOCTOR MILAGRO | Tanju confronts Vuslat and warns him that he will regret it.

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Dr. Tanju showed up late to the meeting with Vuslat, where he confronted her and warned her that he will regret having removed his position from her.

He demanded that she fire him, otherwise then he will regret it; All she did was laugh in front of him at what he was saying.

Patient leaves his room

Nazli’s patient and Dr. Adil left their room without their noticing to go to the roof of the Berhayat hospital; Nazli went to look for him and when he did not see him, he notified the surveillance personnel to look for him.

The man wanted to kill himself because his only daughter never forgave him but to his surprise, before making the fatal decision, his daughter called him “dad” and there he was, after Demir managed to convince her to go see him.

Vuslat gathers the attendees

Vuslat placed only three chairs in his office and when Ali was left standing, he told him to stay that way; but Nazli asked her to find a chair, then she replied that she did not like people who favor others.

She asked that one of them, week by week, have to give her an account of the cases seen at the hospital; and leaving them without freedom to choose, she herself chose Ali to begin with her particular dynamic.

Ali and Nazli

Ali asked Nazli if she had forgotten about him and that she is very afraid of how he feels about her. She didn’t have an answer to give him and he was confused.

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