DOCTOR MILAGRO | Nazli leaves Doruk speechless after telling him that Ali has another

Marilyn eyebrows

Doruk told Nazli that Ali has a new relationship. Instead of being upset, she told him that she regretted that no one loved him and that if only his loneliness would make him a better doctor; At this, Doruk was speechless.

Doruk did not expect to receive his own medicine, since from the team of doctors at the Berhayat hospital he is the one who spills the most poison to worry and annoy others; Well now with Nazli’s reaction he didn’t know what to do.

Alí is wrong

Ali felt bad because he gave Dr. Ferda an idea of ​​treatment for a patient, however: the procedure made it worse and had to be reversed.

On the other hand, Ferman could not remove a tumor from a patient, but both Nazli and Doruk insisted on performing other procedures, but Ferman caught their attention, making it clear that it was not an emergency surgery and that they would never lose objectivity .

Tension between Ferman and Alí

Ali asked Ferman if he was upset with him, he said no but that he feels pressured; Ali offered him help with a case and he got upset and refused.

Nazli and Ali

Ali went to look for Nazli, he told her that he cares about her but she assured him that the best thing is that they are far away and that she does not want to talk to him.

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