DOCTOR MILAGRO | Nazli asks her father to leave the hospital

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The situation between Nazli and her father seems to remain the same. She entered the room where she recovered and saw a bottle of alcohol, that made her feel disappointed and asked her to leave.

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Then Ali told him to give him a vote of confidence, since he has nowhere to live; She went downstairs and when she found him leaving the hospital, she gave him the keys to his apartment and the address, but warned him that he can only stay until he can find another place since he has not appeared.

His father was amazed and thanked him for the opportunity.

Later, he received her with a dinner at home with his partner, Nurse Acelya.

Nazli saved a life

The man who fell from a scaffold from a 33rd floor and who keeps the doctors amazed because he is still alive, was about to die, at that moment Nazli decided to open his chest and massage his heart, both she and Gunes they thought there was nothing left to do when suddenly his heart began to beat.

The case of the arm sewn on the leg

Dr. Ferman led the delicate surgery of a man’s amputated arm, to be attached to his leg, with the goal of keeping it alive.

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