DOCTOR MILAGRO | Nazli, Ali, Demir and Doruk compete for the position of Chief of Residents

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Tanju announces to the medical corps that they will compete to win the position of Chief of Residents, it will be in the emergency area, so the boys at once went to work.

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That’s right, Tanju announced it to him in a meeting with Ferman present. At once they put their skills to work, but Ali is hurt that Nazli is upset with him; He did not understand why at first, but after talking with Dr. Adil he understood it and decided to talk to her.

But that’s not all, in the midst of everything, Adil gave him excellent news that made him very happy, and it is that it is possible that he will soon be able to regain the mobility of his hands and legs.

On the other hand, Beliz organized a surprise to celebrate Adil’s return to the hospital, pleasantly surprising him with the presence of all the doctors from the Berhayat hospital.

In the middle of the celebration, Adil approached Doruk and warned him not to mess with Ali, who is like his son.

Doctors Alí and Nazli effectively solved the cases that came to the emergency room, but Demir made a serious mistake and the one who could not treat any of them within the competence assigned to them by Tanju, was Doruk.

You cannot miss everything that happened in this chapter, here you can see it in full:

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