DOCTOR MILAGRO | Ferman challenges Beliz and operates the man with the arm in the leg

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Beliz learns that Ferman takes the man with part of his amputated arm sewn into his leg to the operating room and prohibits it, he confronts her and challenges her and performs the surgery.

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Before making the decision, Ferman felt bad but Ali made him see reason and he said that he would not mind if Beliz allowed no one to move the man, he even told Beliz that he could call the police if he wanted; Ferman felt able to heal the man, gathered the team, and performed the surgery.

Nazli forgives her father

In another scene we will see how after Ali’s words, Nazli went home, spoke with his father and explained that he wants to believe him that he will be sober forever, he assured him that he is cured and then they hugged.

Ferda listens to her father

Ferda went to her father’s house, Dr. Adil, when he realized that the house was empty, he asked her why he had done it, he explained that he for years tried to fill a void due to his absence and she became to cry.

Then he asked her if she would give him a chance and she left, he was upset but she came in with her suitcase and a plant and told him to start a life together, they hugged and Adil was very happy.

Ali gives money to Nazli’s father

Nazli’s father went to Ali’s house and thanked him for helping him reconcile with his daughter, however; Unfortunately his change was not real, he asked him to borrow money, Ali at first had doubts but then he gave it to him; Then he realized that the man went out, followed him and saw that he bought alcohol, which completely disappointed him.

You can not miss the complete chapter that was very good, here you can see it:

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