DOCTOR MILAGRO | Ezo’s mother wants to stay with Berhayat hospital

Marilyn eyebrows

Ezo’s mother proposes to Beliz to keep 51% of the Berhayat hospital, he appeared in his office with that proposal but she did not accept.

Beliz was shocked, especially because she does not know Ezo’s mother and does not know about her true intentions, she gave her 24 hours to think about it.

Tanju and the hospital’s decision

Beliz commented on the proposal to Tanju, he suggested that she accept it, given the serious situation at the hospital, but she refuses to accept it.

In the midst of this, a machine that is necessary for patients was damaged, causing much more concern in Beliz and Tanju.

Ali surprises Ferman and Tanju

In the midst of the urgency for the damaged MRI machine, Alí ​​managed to do one to a patient only with his talent and thus find the diagnosis to be treated.

They accuse Adil of murder

While Dr. Adil was trying to solve the problem with the MRI machine at the hospital, the police requested that he accompany him because he is accused of murder; At this, he was speechless.

While the police almost took him away, a patient appeared who said he made the call, because some years ago Adil operated on him and he died; Due to what happened, the police left and Adil took him to the hospital to be treated.

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