DOCTOR MILAGRO | Ali falls back into Nazli’s father’s trap

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Nazli’s father manipulates Ali and makes him believe that he is not consuming alcohol; She offers to teach him to drive while he gives her money to supposedly look for a job.

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When Ali was already determined to tell Nazli that his father borrowed money from him and that that same day he followed him and saw him drinking alcohol; The latter told him that he needed to talk to him, he told him that he is not drinking and with his words he deceived and manipulated him.

Nazli is very happy with her father, but she has no idea what he is planning; He even went to the hospital and met with his colleagues.

Sexual assault case

Dr. Ferman received a case of sexual assault in the emergency room of the Berhayat hospital, for which he called Dr. Ferda to attend to the young woman who was attacked.

Apparently, one of the wounded who entered the hospital is the aggressor, since a young man saw him on the body of the young woman and defended her.

You cannot miss everything that happened in this chapter, here you can see it in full:

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