DOCTOR MILAGRO | Acelya rips apart the wedding dress Demir gave her

Marilyn eyebrows

Demir insists that Acelya accept his marriage proposal, now he left her a wedding dress in her locker room but she tore it in front of him.

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She has been upset since Demir offered his colleagues to live in his house after the hospital informed them that they will receive half of his salary for the economic situation he faces. As a result of this situation, Demir decided to ask her to marry him but she did not accept because she believes that he is doing it out of pressure and not because of the love he feels for her.

Ezo’s mother installed

Ezo’s mother bought new furniture and is already installed in her office at the Berhayat hospital, ready to take revenge by monitoring her daughter and her relationship with Ali from there.

He requested a meeting with the surgeons and there demanded that Dr. Adil return to his position as chief of surgery. Dr. Tanju was upset, but she told him that she will continue to work for Dr. Ferman.

There he is in shock

Ali enters Beliz’s office and sees Ezo’s mother, she told him that he was wrong but she said no and informed him that she is his new boss; he was speechless.

Wasting no time, she began to evaluate and judge him. In addition, he threatened him and demanded that he stop seeing his daughter Ezo.

You can not miss this whole chapter that was very good, here you can see it in full:

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