DOC – In your hands 2: the second season between pandemic and new arrivals

Authors and cast told us about their return to the set for DOC – In your hands 2, a new season, on Rai 1 for eight first evenings, which introduces the theme of the pandemic and new characters to explore.

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DOC – In your hands 2: the cast in a promotional photo

It is one of the most loved fiction by viewers and is about to return, DOC – In your hands 2 arrives on Rai 1 from Thursday 13 January 2022 with many new situations and issues to address. Produced by Lux Vide in collaboration with Rai Fiction, it tells a story that draws heavily from a real-life case, that of Pierdante Piccioni, a doctor who has forgotten 12 years of life due to a car accident and who has told his story. story in the book entitled “Minus twelve”. Obviously the fiction cannot trace reality to perfection, the events were fictionalized by necessity of the script and thus the character of Andrea Fanti was born, also a doctor who after receiving a gunshot forgets everything that happened to him in the twelve previous years. Andrea has to start all over again, in his department and together with those trainees who were formerly his subordinates. This is the beginning of the first season of a series that has met with great success with the public reaching very high share peaks. A second season, therefore, much anticipated and which aims to dissolve many relational knots left open by the previous one.

The echoes of the pandemic


DOC – In your hands 2: an image from the series with Luca Argentero

In recent months, many have wondered if the series, like other important foreign similar products, would have dealt with the delicate theme of the pandemic, something that concerned everyone closely and that it would be almost strange not to appear in a medical. We therefore find all the main characters of the previous season right where we left them, with only one difference: from China we begin to talk about a new flu that seems to be reaping victims, the perception of danger, however, is still low and in the Medicine department Inside the Ambrosiano Polyclinic, everything seems to proceed as usual, until a patient provokes some doubts in the doctors.

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DOC – In your hands 2: a scene with Luca Argentero

Maria Pia Ammirati, director of Rai Fiction, spoke about the theme of Covid and the series at the presentation conference of this second season: “Let’s start where we left off. It was a great success for a great medical, a genre that works very well and also works for us. In the traditional framework there is the group, there is the charisma of the leader who tries to keep things together. In this situation comes the pandemic that brings us back to current events, an event from which we have not yet emerged. Doc thinks of the pandemic as an emergency, with the right amount of alarm and not alarmism, with care and attention , even if the horizon is one of optimism: let’s team up to get out of this situation. “ The same tones also expressed by Luca Bernabei, producer of the series, who however warns that the virus will not be a protagonist of the new episodes: “We did not want to do a series on Covid, but we could not refrain from telling it, it will be in the background but present more in a single episode.”

TV series at the time of Covid-19: how generalist TV tackles the pandemic

Telling an entire country

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DOC – In your hands 2: Luca Argentero in an image

The goal of this second season of DOC – In your hands is therefore not only to tell in some way the difficult period that we all have lived and are still living, but also and above all to tell a story of humanity , the story of a doctor who sees his patients as people, a man of great empathy, a feeling capable of influencing those around him. Francesco Arlanch, screenwriter of the series, spoke about these new episodes as follows: “As screenwriters, it was important to us to take the opportunity that we all felt compelled to face: the Covid tsunami, without being overwhelmed. If the first season was more a biography, this more than a sequel is almost a new first season because it is the biography of an entire country. “

Doc – In your hands, Luca Argentero on the season finale: “It’s not a reassuring series”

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The new entries of the season

Dscf0010 Copy

DOC – In your hands 2: a scene from the series

The news of this second season are not finished, however: the already very rich cast of the series is enlarged with some new entries who will play key characters for the continuation of the new storyline. All the protagonists, as already stated, will find themselves having to deal with the wounds left by the pandemic and that is why the new faces will be more or less linked to this. During the conference each of them thus spoke about their role. Alice Arcuri, who plays a virologist, recounted what it was like to join such a close-knit group of actors: “My character is a virologist, a hunter of viruses and pathogens, a very intricate character who will have an excursus within the series. A strong, independent and emancipated woman who, however, having dedicated her life to her work , has a certain difficulty in relating with others and with the world, is a bit the antithesis of DOC. As an actress I entered this cast on tiptoe and with great curiosity, I am a bit of an outsider having worked a lot in the theater but I must say that I was received with deep humanity and I enjoyed all the days spent on this set. “

16092021  Dsc3705

DOC – In your hands 2: Giusy Buscemi in a scene

Giusy Buscemi, on the other hand, plays a psychologist who will have to work on the wounds of the post Covid: “Lucia Ferrari is a specialist specializing in post traumatic disorders and will help doctors to overcome some trauma caused by post Covid. My character also enters on tiptoe, but the beauty is that she does it to help, but then she will also be helped a lot. as a woman and a human being, being able to reveal things about herself and solve them. “
Last but not least, to speak among the new entries is Marco Rossetti, interpreter of a doctor who has survived the difficult situation experienced at Spallanzani: “Like Damiano Cesconi, I am burned by public health and I move to Milan to try to detach professionally but above all humanly from what my path at Spallanzani in Rome has been. It is interesting what the writers wrote: my character is convinced of the his idea of ​​treating patients like numbers, but then he realizes that the door to listening must always be kept open. “

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