“Do you see the consequences of throwing away a cigarette? The lives of our drivers are at stake”

This Wednesday, at the beginning of the afternoon, the cargo of a truck driven by a Belgian driver caught fire on the A25 motorway near Lille, in France. According to Het Nieuwsblad, it was the drivers following him who honked their horns to draw the trucker’s attention and let him know that his load was on fire.

The driver, a 50-year-old, reacted at lightning speed and took the initiative to separate the trailer from its road unit, to prevent the spread of fire.

The trailer, which contained several tons of straw, was covered in just a few minutes. Nothing remains. Thanks to the reflex of the driver who immediately parked his trailer on the hard shoulder, there were no injuries.

Contacted by the Nieuwsblad, the manager of the company to which the truck belonged complains, especially since he thinks he knows what is at the origin of the accident: a cigarette thrown by the window of another driver: “Our straw is very dry and cannot ignite for no reason. And it is recorded that the fire broke out in a bundle located at the back of the truck, where there is nothing that is likely to cause a fire, ”he assured.

And to recall: “Do you see the consequences that it can have to throw a cigarette? The lives of our drivers are at stake. I hope people will think about it”.

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