Do you rent your home? Here is great news that could earn you up to 185 euros per month!

This rental allowance came into effect on January 1, 2023.

For Christophe Collignon: “This therefore means that on this date, the right is open to any beneficiary who already meets the required conditions. My desire is to help people today and not in 10 years. The rental allowance for prospective tenants registered on the waiting lists for public utility housing is regional financial assistance. It is a response to the housing crisis which will benefit nearly 15,000 households. »

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The first payments of the rent allowance could take place in March 2023. seniority, a retroactive payment from January 1 is planned.

How will the procedure take place?

Registration is done with an SLSP in Wallonia, when they submit their application on the waiting list for public utility housing or when they renew their application for public utility housing. These send a rental allowance application form and an explanatory note to applicants. The latter return the completed and signed form to their reference SLSP, which encodes the information then centralized in the computerized register of single applications managed by the Société wallonne du Logement (SWL).

In all cases, to be able to potentially benefit from the rent allowance, the applicant must first meet the following definition: “Be a natural person, adult or emancipated, candidate for at least 18 months appearing within an active application created for at least 18 months” (And reside in Wallonia).

The rental allowance will be granted for as long as the applicant meets the conditions for granting it and up to a maximum until obtaining public utility housing.

The conditions for granting are as follows: have category 1 income; have a lease in private accommodation; be on the waiting list for public utility housing for at least 18 months.

The monthly aid is set at 125 euros per month. This amount is increased by €20 per dependent child, doubled for disabled children/dependents with a maximum of €185 per month.

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