Do you remember … Ako Trifunovic, the Ascoli of dreams and that joke of Rozzi to Tonino Carino

Born today, but it is a mistake. With a name and surname that the error entice him and perhaps for this reason he arrived in Italy. In a kick 80s in which the province was beautiful and proud and with a level that, although infinitely higher than now, for actors involved, made possible even not taking oneself too seriously this also happened. It happened that a mythical provincial president like Constantine Rozzi was able to keep in A a team like theAscoliwhich in 1983 already had 5 consecutive saves (and in some cases Europe touched), with Carletto Mazzone at the wheel: companies told by the unforgettable Tonino Carino to 90th minute. And in addition to the proverbial Cute face it became his idiosyncrasy for the names of foreigners (but also of some Italians). Natural, therefore, that President Rozzi takes advantage of the market just made to peck affectionately the reporter: “TonìI made you a spite, I bought you three-four players that vojo see how do you pronounce them: ca … yours “.

Among these there is Aleksander Trifunoviccalled Ako: indeed for Trifunovic himself Ako and that’s it, without Aleksader although this in Italy few will understand. At the beginning of the 1980s, English was already a luxury: someone dared to pronounce a “Aso”, But he laughs. Fast median, capable of to argue not only with the opponents, but also with the teammates if accused of lack of commitment and for this reason the flag of Partizan Belgrade: a lot of running, a good ability to take penalties. Rozzi takes it for little money and assures it to Mazzone… And to Tonino Carino, as mentioned. It starts badly: theAscoli in controversy with Rozzi for a matter of awards begins (arriving late) at Of the Alps of Turin and gets 7 from Juventus. But the prize case falls, and the team is once again saved.

For Trifunovic it is a good one championship: play 19 times, score 2 goals in Italian Cup against the Caserta, while the second year is bad. Rozzi tries to remedy by replacing Mazzone with Boskovbut the china is now that: Ako, however, yes accident in training in a contrast with his teammate Bogoni and returns only in the following season. In reality he could not re-enter at all because at the time he foreigners in B they could not play, but the leadership manages to win at the federal level and with Vuja in the saddle the Ascoli wins the championship of B and Ako, which has the characteristic that when he gets angry he starts talking in Serbian so fast that even Boskov himself does not understand it, he is among the best.

And the relationship that is created between Ako and Vuja is beautiful: ai Serbian media the footballer said that it was he who suggested to the coach to refuse Milan’s offer: “If you fail, you’re done”, Trifunovic will say. And Boskov will not accept the Milan first, but the Sampdoria then. And with Vuja’s former deputy, Aldo Sensitive, on the bench the following season opens in the best way, with the bianconeri winning the Mitropa Cupwhich Trifunovic raises as captain of Ascoli and with a goal scored in the Italian Cup at Milan by Sacks and closes with the quiet salvation (with Castagner took over from Sensitive). Then Ako has to bow to Maradona: yes, because Diego decides that his brother Hugo must remain in Italy and the chosen club is precisely Ascoli.

Rozzi had already taken Big house from Port and therefore the other square for a foreigner must be cleared by sending away Trifunovic, who at that point stopped playing football after a life in black and white, between Partizan and Ascoli. Today he would celebrate 68, but he swears that this is a too mistake: he would have been born on 10 and not on 13 May. And Rozzi on Carino would have played worse jokes than Ako: the following year he would have bought Cvetikovic And Arslanovic.

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