Do you receive a call or email from the ANSM? Beware of scams!

The National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM) is responsible for ensuring consumer safety with regard to medicines sold on the market. For some time, malicious hackers steal his name in an attempt to obtain the personal information of individuals. An increasingly common phenomenon, known as phishing.

Significant risks of identity theft

The objective of these fraudulent contacts? Encourage users to communicate some of their personal information, such as a social Security numberof the specific passwordsor their bank details.

The risks of identity theft are significant and can affect different services in the event of transmission of information (taxes, health insurance, etc.), alerts the ANSM.

It therefore urges the persons concerned to be vigilant and to do not communicate any personal information by email or telephone. And the Agency to insist: “We call on you to be vigilant in detecting this type of message and strongly recommend not to follow up on it.”

  • When the Agency contacts you by telephone, it is only in response to a solicitation from you. “To answer you, we will prefer to send an email with an email address ending with: ‘'”, she says.
  • Whether by phone or email, the Agency will only ask you for the information necessary to process your request and will never ask you for your social security number or bank details.
  • Finally, “only certain ANSM service providers, such as the research institute Viavoiceare authorized to contact you directly in the context of carrying out opinion studies commissioned by the ANSM”.

Mail, SMS or call ANSM: what to do in case of doubt?

If in doubt about a call, sms, email or letter that appears to come from the ANSM, do not answer and inform the ANSM, via the “User desk” contact formavailable at the bottom of the page at the following address:

You can also report any form of illegal content on the PHAROS official government portal :

Finally, the Agency recalls that only the 01 55 87 30 00 makes it possible to reach the reception of the agency by telephone.

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