Do you like ‘Panic’? Here are other slasher movies you MUST check out!

The fifth chapter of the franchise ‘Panic’ has arrived today, January 13, to Brazilian cinemas – and revived our love for the iconic saga created by the legendary Wes Craven.

Inviting us back to the dangerous city of Woodsboro and bringing back the deadly serial killer Ghostface, the feature film has already been praised by critics and should become one of the sensations of 2022 in a very short time. But, more than that, the production also reminded us of one of the most popular genres of contemporary cinema – the slasher.

With that in mind and celebrating the anticipated launch of ‘Panic’ in the cinemas, the CinePOP prepared a list of other iconic productions of the genre that you need to check out.

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Directed by: John Carpenter

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‘Halloween’ turned Jamie Lee Curtis in one of the most respected and known scream queens of cinema – and was marked in history as one of the most important films slasher of all time. In the plot, Michael Myers (Tony moran) is a psychopath who has lived in an institution for 15 years, ever since he killed his own sister. However, he manages to escape from his captivity and returns to his hometown to continue his crimes in the locality that, terrified, still remembers him.

Directed by: Sean S. Cunningham

In 1958, a teenage couple escapes from a camping trip to spend a romantic night together, but the two are pursued by an assassin and stabbed to death. In 1979, the leaders of Camp Crystal Lake decide to reopen the site, despite the trauma that still scars the city. When new monitors are hired, they begin to disappear once more, brutally murdered one by one.

Directed by: Wes Craven

Before ‘Panic’, Craven had already given life to another iconic horror saga, entitled ‘The nightmare time’. Here, the director bet all his chips on a slasher supernatural and introduced the dreaded Freddy Krueger to viewers. Freddy is a serial killer deformed who has steel claws and who lives in the dream world, targeting a group of teenagers who can’t fall asleep.

Directed by: Tom Holland

A serial killer is killed in a shootout with the police, but before he dies, he uses his mystical knowledge and transfers his soul to a doll. A boy receives exactly this toy as a gift from his mother. He tries to warn him that the doll is alive, but the mother and a police detective only believe him after the toy has claimed several victims. However, the puppet is really interested in the boy, because only in his body can he stay alive – and this puts the child in great danger.


Directed by: Jim Gillespie

In a small coastal town, four teenagers run over and allegedly kill a stranger. Afraid of the consequences of this accident, they decide to get rid of the body and throw it into the sea. The lives of each of the four take different directions and a year later, they meet again in the same city and one of the young women receives a note saying: “I know what you did last summer”. From this moment onwards deaths happen, all caused by a fisherman’s hook.

Directed by: Jaume Collet-Serra

Contrary to what many think, the work directed by the Spanish Jaume Collet-Serra is not a remake or a sort of sequel to the one released in 1953, even more considering that the history of both is very different from each other. The 2005 film revolves around a group of young people on their way to a football game who are forced to ask for help in a strange and creepy ghost town. Strangely, the only place open is the local wax museum, which soon attracts attention. of the protagonists for the perfection of the sculptures. However, the truth soon comes to light: the figures on display are actually humans whose bodies have been covered with wax.


Directed by: Tim Burton

When we think about gender slasher, ‘Sweeney Todd’ It’s definitely not the first title that comes to mind. However, it deserves to be on this list for uniting, in the same place, several different narrative styles. The musical, directed by Tim Burton and starring names like Johnny Depp e Helena Bonham Carter, centers on a man who was wrongfully imprisoned by a corrupt judge and lost his home and family. Upon his release from prison, he returns to his hometown and vows revenge on London’s rotten inhabitants, teaming up with a psychotic baker to continue his bloody plan.


Directed by: Adam Wingard

Directed by Adam Wingard, the story centers on a couple who invite their adult children to celebrate their wedding anniversary. The celebration goes on, but at dinnertime, old rivalries resurface and create a certain unease among those present. Just when the tension is at its height, something breaks the window of the house. The family is attacked by people wearing animal masks, creating panic at what was supposed to be a celebration party.


Directed by: Christopher Landon

In the plot, university student Tree Gelbman mistreats people and doesn’t seem to be very willing to answer her father’s calls on his birthday. At the end of the same day, however, she is brutally murdered by a masked man. It turns out that she survives, or rather wakes up on the same fateful day, in a kind of macabre loop that always ends with the girl’s death. Reliving this day gives Tree a chance to investigate who her killer is.

Directed by: Leigh Janiak

the recent trilogy ‘Street of Fear’, gives Netflix, is a treat for the eyes and one of the best film adaptations of recent years. Based on the children’s novels saga by R.L. Stine, the narrative takes us to the macabre town of Shadyside, Ohio, spanning three different periods and showing how its inhabitants are persecuted by demonic forces and serial killers that may be related to a deadly witch who lived there centuries ago.

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