Do you like Looking for Gonker? Then you need to see these pet movies

Newcomer to Netflix’s Brazilian catalog, Looking for Gonker surpassed some of the biggest hits on streaming and it didn’t take long to appear in the Top 10. Due to its touching plot, the film won over, mainly, “parents of pets”. So subscribers want to know: what to watch after Looking for Gonker on Netflix?

“When a family’s beloved dog is lost in the woods, his owners set out on an incredible journey to save him,” states the official synopsis of Gonker Wanted on Netflix.

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Led by Rob Lowe (Parks and Recreation), the cast of Wanted Gonker includes Kimberly Williams-Paisley (Father of the Bride) and Johnny Berchtold (Gaslit).

We show below 7 exciting Netflix movies that Gonker Wanted fans need to watch; check out!

Four Lives of a Dog

If you enjoyed the plot of Wanted Gonker, you have everything to also like Four Lives of a Dog – one of the most exciting pet movies on the platform. Originally released in 2017, the film stars KJ Apa, Archie from Riverdale.

In Dog Life, the titular dog (voiced by Frozen’s Josh Gad) dies and is reincarnated multiple times. With different owners, he discovers loyalty, love, pain and disappointment. Prepare the tissue, because this movie is to cry!

Way home

Based on W. Bruce Cameron’s bestseller (which itself is inspired by several true stories), The Way Home will bring tears to even the most die-hard Netflix viewers. The feature has Bryce Dallas-Howard (Jurassic World) and Jonah Hauer-King (The Little Mermaid) in the lead roles.

A Way Home follows the story of Bella, a devoted, homesick little dog who, after running away from a new home, embarks on a 600+ mile journey across the American countryside to find her loving owner.


Originally released in 2018, Benji is a canine adventure for the whole family! Directed by Brandon Camp (Amor & Gelato), the feature is a remake of the eponymous film, which became a huge success with the public and critics in the 70s.

Benji’s plot begins when the protagonist Carter and his sister Frankie get into big trouble – and from there, a determined and friendly dog ​​comes into action to save the day. The cast of the feature is led by Gabriel Bateman (Children’s Toy) and Darby Camp (Big Little Lies).

Ruby’s Rescue

Ruby’s Rescue arrived on Netflix in 2022, remaining in the Top 10 of the platform for a long time. Inspired by a touching true story, the feature is directed by Katt Shea (Sanctuary). Grant Gustin, the Barry Allen of The Flash series, lives the protagonist Daniel.

In Ruby’s Rescue, Daniel’s biggest dream is to work in the Rhode Island Police K-9 unit, and for that, he has the help of Ruby, a smart little dog who just needs a home and training. Together, they end up changing each other’s lives.

Victoria and the Mystery

Just like The Rescue of Ruby, Victoria and the Mystery is based on an amazing true story – which this time, involves grief, loss and hope. The French film is a guarantee of emotion for Netflix subscribers, especially those who have already said goodbye to loved ones.

In Victoria and the Mystery, an 8-year-old girl moves to the countryside with her father after the tragic death of her mother. In the small town of the French Alps, Victoria finds a special friend in the figure of a puppy who helps her recover the joy of living.

A Dog Mind

With a mix of drama, science fiction and comedy, A Dog Mind hit theaters in 2020, not taking long to conquer fans worldwide. Directed by Gil Junger (Ten Things I Hate About You), the feature has Megan Fox (Transformers) and Josh Duhamel (Jupiter’s Legacy) in the main cast.

In A Dog Mind, the protagonist Oliver, a genius 12-year-old boy, discovers a way to hear his dog’s thoughts. Then, he starts to count on the help of the puppy to keep his family together.

white canines

Finally, there’s White Fang, an animated adventure for the whole family. Based on the classic book by Jack London, this fun (and heartwarming) film stars Nick Offerman (The Last of Us), Rashida Jones (The Office) and Paul Giamatti (Downton Abbey) in the voice cast.

In this 2018 film, the titular protagonist (a very real wolfdog), driven only by curiosity, embarks on a great adventure in the company of three very different owners. Praised by audiences and critics alike, White Fang was nominated for the European Film Awards.

Gonker Wanted is available at Netflix.

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