Do you like ACTION? Meet the super production that arrived on Netflix in the style of ‘Fast and Furious’

In 2020still at the beginning of the period of imprisonment, the Netflix launched a action movie French that ended up being very successful among its subscribers, under the title ‘stray bullet🇧🇷 Since then, we’ve had to face even more time inside our homes, and many productions had to be held back until they could be performed. As an unfortunate consequence, films that were unexpectedly successful – like the one mentioned above – had to wait a precious amount of time before starring in their sequel, and this wait could mean a cooling of public interest. So two years and a pandemic later,’stray bullet 2‘ finally arrived at Netflixand, contrary to predictions, jumped straight to the Top 10 from the platform.

After clearing his name after the death of Charras 🇧🇷Ramzy Bedia), the mechanic Lino 🇧🇷Alban Lenoir) tried to move on with her life by working with Lieutenant Julia 🇧🇷Stéfi Celma), but for six months the plant has been keeping it daily in the window of Stella 🇧🇷anne serra), certain that eventually March 🇧🇷Sebastien Lalanne) will appear. lino wants to settle scores with the murderer since the day he woke up in the hospital and found out that March had escaped the handcuffs, however, upon arriving at the border with Spain, he discovers that March is being sought internationally. Gradually, the stories he was told about the killer’s whereabouts begin to get more and more tortuous, and everyone around him starts to act suspiciously.

In almost an hour and forty long ‘stray bullet 2‘ in little resembles the original film. Apart from the title and the protagonist, who kept the same actor, the story itself goes in very different ways from the primeval feature. Appearing to bring less budget and, with that, have fewer modified cars parading in the production, in practice this means that while the first feature drew attention for resembling the franchise ‘Fast and furious‘, the sequel seems to have left this feature aside, featuring just a single modified car, and it’s not even that cool.

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Written and Directed Again by Guillaume Pierretthe script of ‘stray bullet 2‘ focuses more on a story that builds an environment of espionage, betrayal and conspiracy theory than on the typical shooting, beating and bombing of action movies – and which, by the way, was quite a part of the previous feature. In this way, we have a film focused more on the personal drama of the characters and their particular goals than on the entertainment of the spectator with wild scenes – which is what we want to see in this type of film. Even keeping some car chase scenes (on an open-plan expressway, in the interior of the country), they in no way resemble the scenes with dozens of cars running through the streets of the city. France that we saw in the previous film. The same can be said of the fight and action scenes; they are there, but they are also few compared to the previous one.

🇧🇷stray bullet 2‘ definitely takes his foot off the gas and behaves more, disappointing viewers. With fewer – but efficient – ​​scenes of action, the film entertains, even though it has lost its original vigor. Since everything indicates a new continuation, it is to be hoped that the new project will resume the initial proposal of the French franchise.

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