Do you know the pink sauce, this mysterious condiment that panics TikTok?

When announcing the launch of its sauce brand at the end of June, “Chef Pii” did not expect to meet with such success. Millions of people have watched his videos TikTok presenting her Pink Sauce, a condiment with a pink color which, according to her, would be “edible and natural”. (source 1) Unfortunately, the situation quickly turned into a nightmare.

After weeks of waiting, the first buyers are beginning to receive their bottles at $20 each. Reviews are far from positive.

Firstly there is the changing color : the sauce is sometimes adorned with a neon pink worthy of Barbie’s wardrobe, other times with a light, translucent pink. But the problems don’t end there.

An alarming list of ingredients

Because it is above all the label that is the problem. There are misspelled ingredients, such as “vinar” for “vinegar”and the assertion that a single bottle contains 444 servings.

For a long time, Pii refused to describe the taste of his creationclaiming that she was unique and therefore indescribable. But people who have been able to test it have compared it to ranch sauce, a mayonnaise-based condiment.

The list of ingredients is questioned, as it only indicates the presence of dragon fruit, sunflower seed oil, chilli, honey and garlic. Many people suspect that the sauce contains, among other things, mayonnaise and milk.

These details are important, since refrigeration and shipping conditions are not the same depending on the composition of the product.

Chef Pii has sent his sauce all over the United States from his native Florida. The products have arrived in simple bubble envelopesalthough they do not contain the necessary preservatives to be kept in non-refrigerated places.

Some buyers received exploded bottlesothers sauces where it was obvious that the milk had soured.

The TikTokeuse defends herself

According to Chef Pii, this bad buzz is not deserved. She assures that she has always followed the standards of Food and Drug Association (FDA)the US government department responsible for food regulation.

“The whole world is really curious about my creation”said the young woman in an interview with the washington post. “And they are malicious.” (source 2)

Nevertheless, Pii says he is working through these many logistical issues with his team. The mention the reference “Please Refrigerate” has notably been added to the back of the bottle.

Additionally, the designer posted a TikTok video this Thursday, July 21, in which she apologizes for her mistakes. “It’s a small company that evolves very, very quickly”she explained.

But that was not enough to silence his critics. In the comments, many people claim thatit endangers consumers.

“You can’t make mistakes when it comes to food. If you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t do it“, underlines a user in a comment liked more than 30,000 times.

Despite the negative reactions, Chef Pii hopes to continue selling Pink Sauce and grow your business.

Yes, the sauce is hugely controversial, but to my curious, my artists who are really into the Pink Sauce craze, I love you all.”she said in a video this week. “Hate people won’t take my light away from me.”

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