Do you know the "honeymoon rhinitis"who makes you sneeze during sex?

A little, a lot, madly…. Then all of a sudden, when the excitement is at its height, a shower of spray falls on your face. Surprising, even repulsive, of course. But know that this phenomenon is completely normal. Your partner may be suffering from “honeymoon rhinitis”, sneezing caused by sexual arousal.

For people who suffer from it, it’s not a walk in the park. They may suddenly find themselves with a stuffy nose during sex, or simply when they are excited. Sometimes they even sneeze while having sex, or just thinking about sex.

Why do we sneeze during sex?

Honeymoon rhinitis affects both men and women, regardless of age. Its exact causes are still unknown, but several hypotheses intrigue researchers:

  • Sneezing could be caused by the erectile tissue present in the nose (similar to that of the genitals), which becomes engorged due to sexual excitement. Concretely, during a sexual act, the tissues of the nose would swell and cause nasal obstruction.
  • Emotional arousal and anxietyfelt during sexual intercourse would also be likely to trigger this disorder: while making love and approaching orgasm, the parasympathetic segment is more activated, which would cause a strong emotion that leads to “the release of mediators in the nasal cavities”.
  • Taking Viagra could also accentuate honeymoon rhinitis. Stuffy nose is indeed part of the list of side effects.

There is no specific treatment for these sneezes. Fortunately, the symptoms do not last more than a few minutes and eventually become more playful than tragic. To quickly relieve these inconveniences, there is no need to rely on decongestant medication:

  • Use saline nasal spray ;
  • Go under a hot shower ;
  • Stay hydrated to thin the mucus;
  • Use an air humidifier which helps to keep the atmosphere humid.

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