Do you know jawline contouring, the beauty trend to sculpt your jawline?

Popularized by Bella Hadid, Kim Kardashian and other American influencers, the jawline contouring allows highlight the structure of the lower face. Unlike the outline traditional (which consists of redefining the cheekbones), this technique allows you to sculpt the jawline by applying the illuminator on the mandibular line.

The idea: to dig and create a jawline (jawbone, in French) with a dark color, then place a touch of highlighter above the line, for a glowy effect. “It’s a pretty good idea, though, applying highlighter to the jawline risk of walking much less well on someone who does not have this very marked part of the face“, says Laurie Baralle, makeup artist at Charlotte Tilbury, Marie Claire (source 1).

It’s all about the play of light: “The ideal is to work in daylight, because it is not modified. Bad light can change the effect, hence the importance of good lighting to place your product correctly”, specifies the makeup artist. An auxiliary light, of the type ring lightis therefore not a luxury.

On the product side, we prefer liquid illuminators, which are easier to work with than powders: a very clear concealer Where a non-glitter liquid highlighter, for example. If you are blonde, choose a pink highlighter; if you are brunette, redhead or brown, opt for a beige highlighter. Also have a beauty blender to spread the material and even out your complexion.

We then move on to serious things: to highlight your jawline, place the product directly on the bone of the mandible, then degrade it slightly towards the bottom of the cheek. Then grab a special stick outlineor a sunbathe, to create an ombré effect just below the jawbone, at the edge of the neck. Finally fix everything with a loose powder or a setting spray.

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