Do you have a completely digital brand?: learn how to take advantage of social networks

If the pandemic brought us something good, it was definitely the opportunity to reinvent ourselves, become more creative and adapt to technology and virtuality. Brenda Durand, fashion entrepreneur, who, with 19,000 followers on Instagram and 23 collections launched since the pandemic, shares her recommendations and the sales success achieved with her women’s clothing brand through the digitization of her business .

Use all social networks: they are allies for our business, take advantage of them to publicize your brand, your name and your work. Start creating content and never stop being active on the networks, they are the medium with the greatest reach to your audience.

Create a community: You don’t just use networks to sell, they allow you to create links and ties not only in the commercial relationship but personally with who is behind the brands. From sharing the production process, experiences, opinions to feelings and values. Create a community you are proud of.

Define a strategy: it is important to establish the route of your business and if you cannot do it alone, ask for help. It is important to have a sales, marketing, financial and even image strategy.

Become a specialist: In a certain way you become an influencer in your community, because you get to influence an action and that carries a great responsibility. The important thing is to be aware of this and the key is to always be honest and transparent.

Launch a website: perhaps at the beginning it is not so necessary, but as your business and brand grow, it is essential since it provides solidity and seriousness. Look for it to be friendly, make browsing and shopping (cart and shopping gateway) an easy and fast experience.

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