Do you also not understand what is going on there? The Wildest Prostreno! in history!

Such a bizarre party in the 13 years of the program Prostřeno! she hasn’t come yet. Except Monika Binias, earlier Pikesit is made up of stars from SuperStar Samer Issa (37) and Jaro Smejkal (31), performer of the hit “Dogs bite”. Marie Pojkarová (67) and former journalist and occasional singer and presenter Richard Sacher (48). It is he who makes the biggest mess at the table.

A blonde creature

The first conflict came in the very first episode, when he made allusions to Jaro Smejkal because of his appearance. The tattooed Superstar contestant tried to stay calm, but that’s hard to do with Richard. He calls Mamma Štiková a »blonde creature“, during dinner at Sámer Issa’s he throws food at other people for a change and puts a flatbread on her head. Although these pranks tend to offend others, Sacher explains his childish behavior in retrospect by saying that he was only holding up a mirror to celebrities who have no sense of humor and take themselves too seriously.

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Mr. Nobody

After the broadcast of the first episode, Richard received a sharp wave of criticism both from the audience and from the other contestants. “Unfortunately, one participant is nobody… Literally. Unfortunately, this NOBODY spoiled the whole thing for us. He wanted to become somebody,” said mother Štiková on the social network. But her criticism did not end there. “Marie Pojkarová is also a big mistake. She was only there with us on my recommendation – and she got carried away by this NOBODY. Too bad…” lamented Monika. Good luck on Prostreno! but he definitely won’t remember. “I will not comment on these people anymore, they are not worth it. But you have a good time,” she wished the audience.

Mother-in-law for bunnies

Monika had a not-so-successful program called Mother-in-Law on Barrandov TV, in which she advised families at the end of the day how to solve problems with debts or unmanageable children in a few days. After that, her family got their own show on Prima called Štiky. Mother Štiková’s biggest “project” was her daughter Ornella (29), whom she married to a businessman Josef Kokta (65). She also tried to push her younger daughter Charlotte (26) into show business. In the end, it turned out that several executions were issued against the Štik family. After divorcing her husband, Monika found a liking for young boys. She moved to Germany to be with her hockey boyfriend Petr Binias (26). For the filming of the program Prostřeno! therefore she borrowed an apartment from a friend.

All-round artist from Brno

Richard comes from Brno, but has been living and working in Prague since he was 18. About once a week, he moderates an event and occasionally sings there. He also sometimes gives astrological lectures. Between March and June, he flies on business trips abroad, where he moderates videos and creates photo reports for travel agencies. If he won, he would use the money for a dentist – two implants await him. He would donate part of the winnings to a good cause and buy gifts for the needy, which he would then bring to them. As entertainment, he prepares a horoscope and sings for his guests. He doesn’t have a wife or children, and family life doesn’t really appeal to him. Since January, he has had a canine friend at home – an eight-year-old ridgeback Apollo, with whom he likes to go for long walks.

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