Do women really live longer than men?

Not all women outlive men, even if thelife expectancy shows female advantage “, can we read in a recent study published in The BMJ. Among the men who are more likely to to live longer than women, there are those who are married and qualified. This is one of the conclusions of this study which analyzed the life expectancy of men between 1751 and 2020 in several countries of the world. For all ages and all populations, the probability that a man will live longer than a woman varies between 25 and 50%.

The latter fluctuates according to the countries and periods considered. For example, in recent years (2015-2019), the probability of men living longer than women in the United States is 40%. The Danish scientists behind this study also point out that the two members of a couple mutually influence their health; a benefit that benefits men more than women according to the study. The researchers conclude ” efforts to reduce inequalities of longevity should target various factors, causes and ages “.

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