"Do not forget the lyrics" : Margaux transformed by surgery, this shot of the Maestro makes people react

The shows scroll by and are not alike. It must be said that each Maestro has something to be endearing in Do not forget the lyrics. That said, there are talents that stand out more than others. This is the case of Margaux, one of the best champions of the show presented by Nagui.

Moreover, the program has transformed the life of the beautiful blonde who has 59 victories to her credit. Proud of how far she’s come, she recently opened up about it on Facebook, saying: “2 years already. Two years ago to the day I picked up this silver microphone: 530,000 euros in earnings (not counting the masters…), meetings and precious friendships today, moments of sharing every year at tournaments, masters…, a tour planned for 2022, a crazy community on social networks (not to mention the bad guys). had told two years ago what I will live later I would not have believed it… Thank you life, thank you Don’t forget the words and thank you“.

Moreover, this triumph upset Margaux who can no longer dress anyhow now.At least that’s what she explained on the set of Ca commence today. “I wasn’t used to it, at first I was like ‘why are they looking at me like that, I have something on my nose?’ I didn’t realize it. In Saint-Malo, it’s true that I’m often recognized. It’s a bit scary too, at first. I used to do my shopping in jogging sometimes… I do a little more attention to what I’ve been doing since the show” has explained Antoine’s darling.

Margaux did not hide the fact that she answered the call of the scalpel and many reacted when she sported her new nose. In full tour with other talents of the program, the young woman took advantage of a break to reveal herself without makeup on Instagram this Thursday, May 12, 2022. A shot that made a strong impression on Internet users who are fans of her face at the natural. And you?


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