Do not consume fruits after 4 pm, these health problems may occur

By the way, fruits are very beneficial for health. Fruits contain a significant amount of various nutrients including vitamins, minerals. Health experts also recommend consuming fruits regularly. It keeps the person healthy not only physically but also mentally. However, just as there is an ideal time to eat, there is also an ideal time to eat fruits, so that the body can absorb as many nutrients as possible.

According to Ayurvedic medicine, fruits should not be consumed after sunset. Because due to this, many types of health problems can occur. Recently, Lifestyle Coach Luke mentioned in his Instagram post that consuming fruits in the evening not only helps impaired digestion But there may also be a problem of not sleeping. Apart from this, the carbs present in fruits can also increase the blood sugar level. This can disrupt your sleep.

Eating fruits in the morning is beneficial: According to health experts, eating fruits on an empty stomach in the morning is beneficial. Because when a person wakes up in the morning after sleeping at night, his stomach is completely empty. In such a situation, the body gets energy by consuming fruits.

Fruits can be consumed immediately after meals: According to experts, consuming fruits immediately after eating food is not harmful. If you want, you can include fruits in your meals. After consuming fruits immediately after eating food, nothing should be eaten for about 3.30 to 4 hours.

What should not be done with dairy products: Fruits should never be consumed with dairy products and green vegetables. Because eating fruits with dairy products builds up toxins in the body, which affects your metabolism.

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