Djokovic, the lawyers: “Exempted from the vaccine because he contracted Covid in December”. He asks to be transferred in order to train

Novak Djokovic he was exempted from vaccination against Covid-19 because he has contracted the virus in December, according to claimed by his lawyers in a document filed in court a Melbourne, with which they try to reverse the cancellation of his visa to enter Australia: “The date of the first positive test for Covid PCR was recorded on December 16, 2021“. The lawyers also let it be known that the world number one in tennis has asked to be transferred from the Melbourne hotel transformed into a structure for irregular travelers (where he is now) to be able to train for the Australian Open.

Djokovic was hosted at the Park Hotel since his arrival in the country “despite his requests for transfer,” his lawyers said in visa cancellation cancellation request filed in the Australian federal court.

In recent days, the tennis player had been joined by an immediate expulsion order, blocked by his lawyers. His has become a diplomatic case: in recent days he had obtained exemption from the vaccine – the tennis player has never clarified whether he is vaccinated or not – precisely to participate in the Australian Open.

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