Dizzy TV Debts: Creditors Want 92 Million!

So this is power! The creditors of Šlágr TV, which is in insolvency, have applied for receivables in the amount of 92 million crowns. The company, headed by brass band king Karel Peterka (70), has assets worth only 4.3 million crowns. This follows from the information in the insolvency register.

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The regional court sent the television to bankruptcy last November, and filed for insolvency against itself. Due to a dispute with České radiokomunikace and Czech Digital Group, it has not been able to pay its liabilities since mid-June last year and has blocked accounts. It continues to broadcast, but it is not clear how long it will manage economically.

No activity

The insolvency administrator Jan Zachariáš announced that the company no longer carries out any business activities. Subsequently, he prepared an inventory of assets, which will be further supplemented. “Ten creditors applied for insolvency proceedings and the total amount of registered claims is CZK 92.3 million,” the administrator specified. The Czech Digital Group registered one of the highest receivables in the tens of millions.

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They turned them off …

Šlágr got into a dispute with Radiokomunikace as early as 2020, which subsequently turned him off from terrestrial broadcasting due to debts. The now deceased media magnate Radim Pařízek († 67), who aired the music channel on his Multiplex 24, immediately came to the rescue.

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