DIY ideas: Tips for the homemade Advent wreath

DIY ideas
Tips for the homemade Advent wreath

The Advent season begins on November 27th.

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Advent, Advent, a little candle is burning: On November 27th, the first little candle will be lit. Here is inspiration for the Advent wreath.

The contemplative time is approaching – on November 27th the first of four candles will be lit. High time to decorate the house with an Advent wreath. After all, the traditional arrangement is part of the pre-Christmas period. Those who prefer to do handicrafts instead of buying will find inspiration for DIY Advent wreaths here – and they can sometimes be more unusual.

This is how the classic version succeeds

To tie the classic version you need a straw wreath, green wire, lots of fir greenery, four large candles, four candle holders and decorative elements. Everything is usually available at the hardware store around the corner. Then separate small branches from the greenery and attach to the wreath with the wire until everything is covered. A little skill is required for this. Attach the four candles to the holders and then insert them into the wreath. Decorations such as small Christmas balls, pine cones, dried citrus fruits or ribbons can be easily attached with a hot glue gun.

Scandinavian style

Why not combine container and wreath? If you own a Scandinavian-style open bowl, you can attach a little greenery to it with wire. In addition to fir branches, eucalyptus branches or dried flowers are also suitable. Tree holders are best suited for the candles, as they are easy to attach to the bowl with their clips. The container can be filled with nuts, tangerines or gingerbread.

No more wax stains

The variant with preserving jars has two advantages: It’s quick and you no longer have to watch out for wax stains in the future. So that the whole thing doesn’t look too symmetrical, simply choose four candles in different sizes and place them in matching glasses. On a large plate, for example in gold or silver, and with Christmas decoration elements, the candles look much more festive. Art enthusiasts can also creatively paint or write on the glasses.

When things have to go fast

Anyone who lacks the time, desire and creativity for an elaborate Advent wreath can conjure up a simple but aesthetic “wreath” in just a few simple steps. Simply place four candles on a beautiful wooden board and decorate with fir branches, cones or cinnamon sticks.


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