Divine Helene, Gotta’s muse (†80): She honored the master with a voluptuous cleavage!

For the first time after the birth of a child in December, megastar Helene Fischerová (37) returned to the stage at the weekend! The most popular singer of German-speaking countries and a woman who was highly respected by Karel Gott (†80), performed in a big TV show, in which she also paid tribute to the Master in very provocative clothes.

The full-time mom has not appeared anywhere in public since she gave birth in December (it is still unclear whether it was a daughter or a son, editor’s note)! Only on Saturday evening in the live show Das große Schlager-Comeback 2022, which was watched by millions of viewers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Helene had a huge cleavage as part of her outfit, which is still discussed not only by men, but also by ladies across countries. In the live broadcast, she sang several of her hits, and as part of the so-called medley – i.e. the selection of the best – her performance of the hit Včelka Mája (Die Biene Maja) was also heard, which she God years ago he donated so that she could film him in a new coat for the 3D parts of the series. Karel would probably watch how his muse came up with it…

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