District Z: the return show for a season 2, all the info revealed

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A few days ago, we told you about these stars that we would like to find in season 3 of Mask Singer, soon on TF1. Today, we are talking about the big comeback of another program broadcast by this channel and produced by Satisfaction, Arthur’s production company. It is District Z reloaded which returns with a second season which promises to be even crazier than the first! The principle is simple: 5 celebrities have a whole night to collect as many passes as possible, in order to obtain money for an association. But beware ! Their journey is strewn with pitfalls and their adventure takes place in the property of Doctor Z, a territory populated by zombies. 5 episodes were filmed at Parc Asterix last June for this new edition. These will be broadcast in prime time every week from Saturday, December 4, 2021. We can’t wait to see the result and above all, the new features!

Eh yes ! The second season of this race against the zombies was very teased! Arthur announced on Twitter that he had listened to the benevolent advice of viewers to improve his program. A promise relayed by Denis Brogniart, the presenter of the show, who announced “Much fiercer zombies, more trials, and guests who all remember their way!” on his Instagram account. Moreover, in the trailer, the famous presenter of Koh Lanta introduces the appearance of a new element: the golden pass! “Double or quits” , it will allow the candidates either to win the test or to lose it. The game spices up more … To the pleasure of the public!

Reunions and meetings

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On the menu for zombies: reheated and fresh meat. Among the guests this year, there are indeed personalities who have already participated in the program last year such as comedian Florent Peyre, host Camille Cerf and Maëva Coucke. But as promised, there will also be change: the artist Black M, actor Rayane Bensetti, or Malika Menard will also be there. Viewers will also find their favorite butler, played by Guillaume Geoffroy. While waiting to watch the show, let’s keep our fingers crossed that the celebrities have won as much money as possible for the associations they support! Otherwise, in the rest of the TV news, know that Nabilla has unveiled new information about Nabilla Without Filter, his own reality TV broadcast on Amazon Prime Video.

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