Dissatisfied customers are still waiting for SAS: Has not received a response for several months

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Dear SAS. Would you please provide an update on the case? “

The email will be sent by Louise Evald on Thursday 5 May to the airline’s customer service. And what is the answer?

Louise Evald never receives a response to her inquiry. Nor did she do so in her first email two weeks earlier.

SAS had otherwise stated that their case processing could take up to eight weeks. At the end of May, Louise Evald therefore writes once again.

Dear SAS. It is now 12 weeks since I created my case and I still have not received a reply from you. “

The actual journey with SAS back in February was a disaster. The aftermath now looks exactly like the circus that other SAS customers also talk about.

Total radio silence from the airline.

The bad customer experiences are now piling up again and this time in the middle of a heavy crisis for SAS.

Despite a small financial lifeline from the Danish state, the company is still facing a possible pilot strike and several other problems.

If you ask customers like Louise Evald, then customer service is to that extent one of them.

After 14 weeks, she has no time horizon for when she can get her well over 8,500 kroner back.

Like many others, she and her son felt the consequences of SAS Ground Handling’s luggage workers going on strike in February.

They were on their way to Austria to ski, but stood for almost a week without their luggage.

The first part of the holiday was therefore not skiing as expected. But on the other hand, urgent purchases of everything from shoes to gloves.

As instructed, Louise created a case with the expenses on the website, but has heard nothing since.

“It’s extremely poor service,” she says.

“You can just keep writing to the email that you never get a response from.”

The loyal SAS customer, Jens Winther, also tells BT about his growing headache over the airline’s service.

He has for a long time danced back and forth with SAS around canceled departures and payment of vouchers.

»I have spoken to customer service six to eight times. One waits for an hour each time and they say something will happen. But there has been no shit. “

Laura Skjoldager, with whom BT has previously spoken, is also unimpressed with SAS.

“It’s completely sailing for SAS,” she said.

She has also not seen the shadow of her 6,000 kroner yet.

“What is even more reprehensible is that SAS is state-owned. It’s too insane. They just do what suits them and I think that’s really not right. “

BT has tried to get a comment from SAS to find out more about the specific cases. We have also sought answers to how many other cases need to be dealt with, where in the process they are and when customers can expect an answer.

But SAS has not yet returned our request.

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