Disney Plus confirmed the release of the Spider-Man movies in its catalog


After so much speculation, Disney Plus made the arrival of Spider-Man official in its catalog. Find out when they are released and what are the three films that are missing.

Tom Holland, Andrew Garifeld and Tobey Maguire
© @tomholland2013Tom Holland, Andrew Garifeld and Tobey Maguire

If there is a superhero who has managed to enter the hearts of people, that is undoubtedly spider-man. This character was created by Stan Lee, the creator of Marvel, who listed him as his favorite hero. And, as the years went by, the boy from Queens became even stronger and had much more impact when he was brought to the big screen. This is because the actors who played him caused a sensation among the viewers.

Tobey Maguirebeing the first to give life to spider-manshowed a more mature air of the character, thenAndrew Garfield presented the most emotional side and, finally, Tom Holland It led him to have freshness, showing himself more relaxed. However, there has been no news of Peter Parker in theaters for months and it is still unknown when the last actor will return to the franchise to continue telling the story of this superhero.

Nevertheless, Disney Plus just made Marvel fans happy. Well, after much speculation, the streaming platform confirmed that all the films of the wall-crawler will reach his catalog. It will be on July 8 when fans can relive the best adventures of the hero of Queens in each and every one of its versions. Even so, it should be noted that it will not be the eight existing Peter Parker tapes that will be published by the mouse company.

As they themselves confirmed in their official networks, for now, they will only have some of them. Spider-Man 1 and 2 by Tobey Maguire They will be, but the third one is still available on Netflix, so it’s not fit to come to Disney. After, The Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2 by Andrew Garfield can also be seen on this on-demand service. On the other hand, as for Tom Hollandhe is the only one who will have only one tape.

Will be Homecoming the only one that will be available on Disney Plus since far from home Y No Way Homethe last one, have a contract with other platforms. Even so, the truth is that the same company confirmed that, in the coming months, the intention is to be able to add these two tapes to its ranks.

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