Disney greenlights Tron 3 with Jared Leto

Disney has greenlit Tron 3, which will star Jared Leto, and has already found its director. According to Hollywood Reporterfilmmaker Joachim Rønning (Pirates of the Caribbean 5, Maleficent 2) is negotiating to direct the film.

Tron 3 will be called Tron: Ares and has a script written by Jesse Wigutow. No date has been set for when filming will begin.

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Tron was originally released in 1982, with Jeff Bridges playing video game designer Kevin Flynn, who was transported into his own creation and joined Tron, a security program played by Bruce Boxleitner.

The film, which grossed $33 million (about $100 million today) was not considered a box office success, but it was admired for its innovative visual effects and later gained cult film status.

The sequel, Tron Legacy, was released in 2010 with Bridges, Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde in the lead roles. The feature grossed US$ 400 million, an amount also considered insufficient to win a sequel. Despite this, Jared Leto has campaigned for Tron 3 ever since. In 2015 and 2020 attempts were made to develop this sequel, but Disney scrapped all plans.

Tron: Ares does not have a release date.

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