Disgusting fart accusation against Arnold Schwarzenegger: “Harry Potter” star has not forgiven him

During a shoot together, Miriam Margolyes claims that Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger farted in his face – and allegedly with pure intent!

You may attribute it to the current summer slump that this story is getting so much attention from major US sites, but it’s also pretty odd: Arnold Schwarzenegger allegedly intentionally farted a co-star in the face. At least that’s what they claim now Miriam Margolyeswho most of you probably know as the botany teacher Professor Sprout from the Harry Potter films.

The British-Australian actress and Terminator actor crossed paths while filming the horror action film “End of Days – Night Without Morning”, which was released in 1999 and which you can stream here on Amazon Prime Video. Schwarzenegger plays Detective Jericho Cane, a name that only Hollywood cinema of the 80s and 90s could produce. In the film, Cane takes on Satan personally for choosing a young girl as the earthly vessel for the Antichrist. Miriam Margolyes played Mable, Satan’s sister.

On the I’ve Got News for You podcast (via Entertainment Weekly) Margolyes looked back on what she described as her “least-liked co-star.” In addition to the accusation that Arnold Schwarzenegger took himself too seriously, she also had the following revelation to offer:

He farted in my face. Well, I fart, of course I do – but I don’t fart in people’s faces. He did it on purpose, right in my face.”

Our following video proves that there are frequent fights between actors (pun intended):

Why did Arnold Schwarzenegger fart in his co-star’s face?

Miriam Margolyes also revealed exactly how the fart gate came about:

“I was playing Satan’s sister and he killed me, so he had me in a position I couldn’t get out of and I was on the floor. And he just farted. It wasn’t filmed, it was during one of the breaks, but I didn’t forgive him for that.”

Obviously not when she still feels the need to reveal the story 23 years later. But it is understandable, after all, who would forgive or even forget if someone allegedly farted in the face on purpose? But the biggest question is currently unanswered: Why would Schwarzenegger want to intentionally fart in his co-star’s face? We can be curious whether the Hollywood star will comment on the allegation and what his point of view is.

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