Disgusting: A bunch of famous and unknown people advertise on the back of the dead Denis Teofikov

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21 November 2021, 15:00

The tragic death of Denis Teofikov gave room for expression to a whole galaxy of famous and unknown people, who began to give interviews about the life, vices and problems of the young singer. “Weekend” noticed that a bunch of people lined up in their native studios, who were supposedly in great pain, but wanted to tell the whole truth about the artist’s death.The first to come out was the singer Kali, who was supposedly authorized by her parents and wanted to convey what they have to say. She was followed by Esil Duran, who many years ago saw the talent in Teofikov. And she got her 10 minutes on the national air, the reason – the untimely death of Denis.After her appeared the former driver of the deceased singer – Martin Penchev, who said the 21-year-old’s family could barely make ends meet. Martin said that when he was little, his family had no electricity for two months and he went to cafes to charge his phone. “He had BGN 5 in his pocket – for going to and from the subway to school and for iced tea. Quite a normal and poor boy. With his first fee he buys a better sofa for home and blinds. His room is the living room, the other is his mother and father. They also have a small kitchen. Dennis slept on the sofa, which unfolded in the evening, “said the driver, adding that Dennis has a brother who his parents are hiding and no one knows about him.Martin confirmed the harassment of the artist, who was on the part of his producer Nikolay Pashev and Ceci the Crazy Head. “In my time, Denis’s fee was BGN 3,000, and he received BGN 400-500 after participating.” – revealed Penchev.The audience’s chins hung from these confessions, but that was not all and only a day later the producer Nikolay Pashev decided to speak. He, of course, expressed a completely different version and denied harassing his subordinates. “I have never aspired to publicity, but the moment is such that I have to tell my truth. I do it for Dennis, for myself, for my family and all my loved ones. I will be extremely honest. Let everyone interpret as they wish “, Pashev began his confession.He met Dennis after seeing a video of him singing. In the boy he finds exceptional charisma, an interesting voice and potential for a world star. “I was most impressed by his voice, I saw the potential for a world star. I met his father, explained to him what ideas I had, we agreed. Everyone was very happy and together we moved forward. Dennis and I had a complex relationship, a special relationship, as a son and a father. I tried to show him what was good and what was bad. I made him read books, go to bed early, get up early. In the beginning we had problems, as with any child, but then everything got better. He told me that he had a problem with panic attacks, that he was depressed, “said the producer.Pashev explained that Denis’s contract was such that the singer received almost twice as much interest from him, and the investment for his projects was zero. Asked if he had ever seen Dennis use drugs, he said: “I have not witnessed drugs. I asked him, he denied. ‘As for the contractual agreements, it is clear from the words of the young performer’s producer that he did not make him invest. “My relationship with Dennis was on a completely different level. I didn’t yell at him. I did not offend him. About 4 days before the fatal day, he told me that he was not feeling well and that some thoughts were running through his head. But I didn’t feel that he was any different and that he would do something. I told him that he should thank her – for everything, thinking that this way he would calm down, that he had fallen into some kind of panic attack and did not speak seriously “, concluded Pashev.The versions of the driver and the producer are quite different. Kali also hinted at Nikolai’s enslaving working conditions. It is no coincidence that in recent years almost all the more established names have left the big music companies and now either produce themselves or go to smaller and less robbing companies. All these confessions happen while Teofikov’s parents still can’t realize what happened and that their child is gone. The enraged father of the talent from “Lyulin” wrote a sharp post on Facebook against the allegations of his son’s driver in his interview with journalist Stanislav Tsanov. It turns out that many of Martin’s claims are not confirmed by the family of the tragically killed young singer. Ateshkan himself wrote that they did not rely on Denis’ money and there is no other child from a previous marriage, which refutes Penchev’s words that Denis has a brother.“Regarding the interview of Martin, Denis’s driver, I want to clarify that My wife and I did not count on our child to go to competitions to buy a sofa or pay for electricity. We are an average family, we do not indulge in luxury, but we have always coped with our needs without having to worry about our child’s daily needs. In connection with the false allegations against us during the pandemic, Dennis bought VR glasses for his Playstation to spend time at home with friends. The allegations that Dennis has a brother from my first marriage are untrue. No one has the right to slander and spread untruths about my life. Please let us experience our grief. Stop speculating and don’t do cheap PR on our child’s back. Don’t tarnish his memory anymore. In these difficult days for us, I ask you to respect our pain and stop! ”, The musician calls and hopes to stop different people from advertising on the back of their late son.

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