"disfigured" Model is happy: Evangelista agrees in 50 million lawsuit

“Disfigured” model is happy
Evangelista settles $50 million lawsuit

“Forever deformed” – this is how Linda Evangelista describes her body after suffering a rare side effect after a cosmetic treatment. After the model reached an agreement in the million-dollar lawsuit, she can now look ahead.

In recent years, Linda Evangelista had withdrawn from the public. The reason: a botched “Fat Freezing” operation that “deformed her forever”, as she announced in an Instagram post in 2021. In a corresponding lawsuit against the company CoolSculpting, she has now agreed, explains the 90s supermodel in a new post.

Evangelista is looking forward to putting the matter behind her and looking forward to “the next chapter” in her life. She was “truly grateful” for the support she received. The 57-year-old is now going out again after all the years in which she was “hiding”, an anonymous source from Evangelista’s environment also explains to the “People” magazine. She therefore feels “loved” by the goodwill from the fashion industry, from her colleagues and from fans.

“I can’t live like this anymore”

People reported in February that Evangelista allegedly sued the manufacturer of the devices for $50 million. However, it is not known how much compensation the company has to pay to the model.

“I can’t live like this anymore, in secret and in shame. I can’t live with this pain anymore. I’m ready to finally talk about it,” Evangelista shared her suffering with “People” a few months ago. Within three months of her cosmetic treatment, she noticed swelling on her chin, hips and chest.

So the very areas that she “wanted to shrink suddenly grew and hardened. Then they went numb.” A doctor diagnosed her with paradoxical adipose hyperplasia, a rare side effect of the procedure she underwent. Tissue volume increases rather than decreases at the treated site.

Evangelista made it public for the first time in September 2021 that the procedure “disfigured her forever” and that as a result of the “disfigurement” she had become a “recluse” and also “depressed”. Evangelista recently returned to modeling. She took to Instagram in a shot for Fendi – and was promoting a runway show for the company that will be held in New York on September 9th.

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