‘Disenchanted’ wins dubbed teaser and has early premiere

🇧🇷disenchanted‘ won a cute dubbed teaser explaining a little more of the story. Furthermore, it was confirmed that the disney+ brought forward the release of the feature to the day November 18🇧🇷


🇧🇷disenchanted‘ is the long awaited sequel to ‘enchanted‘, made possible by Disney+, as well as ‘Abracadabra 2🇧🇷

Enjoy watching:

The plot of Disenchanted will take place 15 years after the events of ‘enchanted‘ and takes us back to Giselle’s world (Amy Adams) and her pragmatic husband, the lawyer Robert (Patrick Dempsey🇧🇷 With Morgan now a teenager, Giselle and her family will relocate to suburban Monroeville, where she will have to face the challenges of a new home, as she tries to rediscover the true meaning of “Happily Ever After”.

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