Disease in Noida: Noida News: Cold, vomiting and shortness of breath, patient said – mysterious fever, doctor denied – cold vomiting breathing problem in noida doctors denied of mysterious disease

Vanya Dixit, Noida
These days, patients of viral fever are getting admitted in hospitals. In these, patients of dengue, malaria, typhoid are also coming out. In some districts, fever is also being called mysterious fever, although the doctors of Noida are refusing to call the fever mysterious. According to the patients, before the fever came, there was a cold, vomiting and breathlessness, then the health went on deteriorating. Other problems along with fever are making the patients more sick.

About 350 patients of fever are coming to the district hospital every day. Not all patients of fever are being tested for dengue, malaria, typhoid. Apart from fever, patients of skin problems, eye problems etc. have also increased. If we look at the investigations done in the OPD of the district hospital for the last 10 days, not a single dengue patient has been found. A total of 5 patients of malaria and 15 of typhoid have been found.

A suspected dengue patient is admitted in the dengue ward of the hospital. Patients said that they first got cold, then started vomiting, after that shortness of breath started. He was rushed to the hospital. Acting Director of Child PGI Dr. Jyotsna Madan told that 50 to 55 children are coming to OPD every day due to fever. There is no dengue child admitted in the hospital as of now.

30% beds of private hospitals full
According to the Health Department, a total of 7 possible dengue patients have been found so far. Out of these, 5 children have been found in Child PGI and 2 patients in Jims. At the same time, IMA President Dr. Sunil Awana said that after the confirmation of dengue in 12 patients in private hospitals so far, this information has been given to the health department. At present 30% of beds in hospitals are filled with fever patients. Dr. Sushma Chandra, CMS of the district hospital told that the patients of fever are recovering continuously. It would not be right to call fever a mystery. The situation in Noida is better than other districts.

This test facility is available
According to the Health Department, testing facility with rapid kit is available in Dankaur, Jewar, Bhangel, Bisrakh CHCs. ELISA testing facility is available in District Hospital and Child PGI.

The report did not come even after 5 days
Ayushi, a resident of Greater Noida, is admitted in the dengue ward for the last 5 days. He was admitted due to the problem of fever, vomiting, dizziness. After the dengue test, the report has not come yet.

I am admitted to the district hospital for a week
Sector 8 resident Bina Devi is currently battling fever. He has been admitted to the district hospital since last one week. Bina gets very high fever at night. Sleeping at night, she gets up and sits down and in a state of unconsciousness, she starts bawling upright.

hiccups won’t stop
Harish, a resident of Delhi, has also been admitted to the district hospital after suffering from fever. Harish’s problem of dizziness and hiccups is not getting right, whereas the problem of hiccups has never been there before.

The investigation done in the district hospital in the last ten days…

disease / test / infected
Dengue/ 128/ 00
Malaria/ 218/ 05
Typhoid/ 228/ 15

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