Discovery +: what the documentary about the separation of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard will be like

The legal scandal Come in Johnny Depp and Amber Heard It has no end: every week, a news about their separation hits the world of entertainment. It is that although there are a few months to know the final verdict after mutual lawsuits for assaults, The truth is that the complaints are taken up again and again, almost as if it were a compelling novel. In this sense, Discovery+ will launch a production that will have them as protagonists.

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Is about Johnny vs. Amber, a documentary series that will be divided into two installments and that it will have an exhaustive investigation on the case that has the industry in suspense. In this way, they will be counted the views of both celebrities with the objective that each of them can provide information on the events from their own perspectives.

The Hollywood Reporter released a official synopsis in the last hours. It states: “Johnny’s movie will portray that he found himself married to a Machiavellian liar that he would stop at nothing to protect his image”. Likewise, it adds in contrast: “While Amber’s movie explores how she married the man of her dreams only to see him become a violent monster fueled by drugs”.

At the moment, it will not have the presence of Depp or Heard. However, the attorney testimonials of each of them, the statements of their environments to the press and homemade videos and images recorded by the actors who have been presented in court as part of their evidence in the legal battle they have been dragging for a long time. The premiere date is not yet confirmed, although many of the users speculate its arrival before April 2022, just when the verdict will be known.

Charlotte Reeid, Discovery’s vice president of entertainment, said: “The story of what happened between Johnny and Amber continues to be hugely divisive, between fans and the general public. We propose to make a documentary that will explore the story from the perspective of each one, so that the viewer can go beyond the headlines and understand who they are and decide who you should believe in this complicated human storya”. And he concluded: “We believe it is a very attractive contemporary history about truth and lies and we hope it will open up a conversation with our viewers”.

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