Discover your face in the time of the Egyptians, hippies or Vikings with the AI ​​Time Machine

A new tool based on artificial intelligence proposes to make you travel in time. The AI ​​Time Machine uses your photos to generate dozens of images of you as you might appear in different periods of history.

Who has never wanted to dress up as an inhabitant of another era? You can invest in costumes, or use artificial intelligence to generate images for free in a few clicks. This is what the AI ​​Time Machine available on the MyHeritage genealogy site offers.

The tool uses photos of you to then generate portraits as you might appear if you lived in different periods of history. You can thus transform yourself into a Roman, into a vikingvikingas a cowboy or as a astronautastronaut. The site offers dozens of themes. The AI ​​was developed by Astria, and is based on the model ofdeep learningdeep learning Steady DiffusionDiffusion.

Plan up to 25 photos of you


One of the secrets of this AI is the multiplication of sources in order to be able to model your face correctly. You will need at least ten photos and you can upload up to 25. The site recommends three full-length photos, five with the torso, ten close-ups and two in profile. The more varied the images are in pose, expression, and conditions, the more realistic the generated images will be. MyHeritage says the photos won’t be shared, and if you don’t create an account they’re automatically deleted from its servers.

The site also offers other tools for modifying photos, including Deep Nostalgia, an AI that animates old family photos. You can also use AI to colorize black and white photos, improve resolution, or create a video of an ancestor telling their life story.

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